Endorsements Process

endorsement Process

How We Endorse:

State and local elections have an immediate impact on our everyday lives and are also critical to changing the national landscape! 

This year, the NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Political Action Committee (PAC) has endorsed pro-choice candidates seeking election statewide, in the Missouri General Assembly, and as city and county council members, mayors, and county executives. 

Endorsed Reproductive Freedom Champions work hard for their endorsement. We endorse candidates when they complete an in-depth issue questionnaire, have a demonstrated comprehensive understanding of our issues, and often have a history of championing reproductive freedom. These candidates have identified specific policy proposals for how they would use their office to advance reproductive freedom. You can count on them to go above and beyond for reproductive freedom if they are elected.

You may also see the Friend of Reproductive Freedom rating. This is NOT an endorsement. We use this rating when there is more than one good candidate in the race who shares our pro-choice values and who we would trust to vote the right way on our issues if elected. In the cases where we list more than one candidate as Friend of Reproductive Freedom and endorse none, it means that all candidates are safe bets for a pro-choice voter. We also use this rating if we endorse one candidate in a race, but the other candidate in the same race isn’t anti-choice. In summary, a Friend of Reproductive Freedom listing is our way of telling you which candidates are pro-choice and pro-Reproductive Freedom and which are not.

Local positions including committeeperson and school board member are only eligible for a Friend of Reproductive Freedom designation. 

Click here for a list of 2020 Endorsed Reproductive Freedom Champions & Friends of Reproductive Freedom.

Are you a candidate? Click here to access the NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC questionnaire.