The Basics: Students For Sex Education

The Students at the Front Sex Education Fellowship instills the principles of grassroots organizing in high school students by addressing disparities in sex education curriculums and programs regionally. Students develop core leadership skills, with the goal of building power in their communities to make change.
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To apply: Please answer the following questions and submit in Word Doc or PDF format to by Friday, May 19th, 2023. Application questions:

  1. Why is ensuring comprehensive sex education for students important to you?    

  2. When it comes to access to reproductive health care, what is the world and future you want to see? How do you think the Students at the Front fellowship program will help you create that world?

In 2022, Pro-Choice Missouri Foundation released a groundbreaking report on the state of sex education in Missouri. Read it below!

Sexual and reproductive health is an essential part of comprehensive physical and mental healthcare. The classroom is a fundamental space for students to learn about their bodies in a way that is structured, age-appropriate, and accurate. Often, school-based sex ed is the only space for students to gain the skills and information to make decision about sex and sexuality.

A vast majority of students in Missouri don’t have access to sex education that is whole, inclusive, and accurate. State law currently does not mandate that schools teach sex ed at all, but should districts choose to provide sex ed, it must be abstinence-forward. This has created a state full of folks who are uneducated or vastly undereducated when it comes to issues of sexual and reproductive health.

At Pro-Choice Missouri, we believe that making fundamental improvements in sex education will require students leading other students with the support of parents, teachers, and community members. That’s why Pro-Choice Missouri partners with local high schoolers to build power through organizing, grow in their leadership and advocate for change within their very own districts based on the change they want to see.

Interested in joining us? If you’re a parent or student, email Alex Cook (

*Currently, this program is limited to St. Louis-area schools*