Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Pro-Choice Missouri and reproductive health care in the state of Missouri as we answer your frequently asked questions.

I don’t know where to get reproductive health care during the pandemic. Where can I go?
We have a full list of resources specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic here.

Where are you located?
Pro-Choice Missouri is headquartered in St. Louis, MO, but as a statewide organization we frequently travel across the state—especially to fight for reproductive freedom in the state legislature in Jefferson City.

Can I get an abortion at Pro-Choice Missouri?
We are not a health care provider, but we do know the heroes who provide abortions! Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood in the Central West End area of St. Louis is the only remaining clinic in the state of Missouri that provides abortions. Learn how to access an abortion here.

How can I get involved with Pro-Choice Missouri?
There are so many ways to get involved! Sign up to be a clinic escort, join us for our next event, advocate to your elected officials, and join the Reproductive Freedom Front. The opportunities for you to get involved with Pro-Choice Missouri are many—you can choose how you want to make an impact. Explore our website, check out our Facebook page, or contact us today!

What makes Pro-Choice Missouri different from other reproductive health care advocacy organizations?
Pro-Choice Missouri is the leading grassroots pro-choice advocacy organization in Missouri. Our bold messaging changes the narrative, reduces stigma, and mobilizes Missourians to participate in the political process. Our grassroots organizing model builds power by engaging people to work together to tackle barriers that they are experiencing, resulting in more policy changes aimed at lifting up disenfranchised communities.

What is a clinic escort?
Our clinic escort program has been an essential part of our organization for over 35 years. Clinic escorts provide those walking into clinics, whether patients, companions or staff, with a physical sense of security and a calming presence from the moment they exit their vehicle.  Pro-Choice Missouri provides clinic escort volunteers at all three clinics in the St. Louis region.

How can I become a clinic escort?
Pro-Choice Missouri holds trainings every few months—get on the waiting list to become an escort by clicking here. We will reach out to you as soon as we have another training available.

Is abortion still available in Missouri?
Yes, everyone has the right to obtain an abortion in Missouri. Abortion is currently available up until 21 weeks and 6 days after the start of your last menstrual period. However, access to abortion care is dwindling, thanks to an anti-choice supermajority in the Missouri General Assembly. Laws like 2019’s House Bill 126 make abortion more difficult for all to access, but even more so for communities already left out of our healthcare system including Black, Indigenous, people of color, youth, people in rural Missouri, and LGBTQIA+ folks.

I need an abortion. Where do I go?
RHS Planned Parenthood in the Central West End is the only clinic currently providing abortions in Missouri. However, there are several clinics just over state lines that Missourians may choose to go to instead: Hope Clinic For Women in Granite City, IL; Planned Parenthood in Fairview Heights, IL; and Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, KS.

I’m a minor. Can I still get an abortion?
Yes. One parent/guardian must consent via writing to the procedure while any other guardian must be notified prior to consent. However, minors may still obtain abortions without parental consent via the judicial bypass process, wherein a judge can grant the individual permission. This process is completely confidential. If you need permission from a judge, please call the ACLU at 314-652-3114 or 314-652-3111 for more information. Be sure to mention judicial bypass.

You can learn more about your pregnancy options by contacting our partners at

I’m undocumented. Can I still get an abortion?
Yes. Planned Parenthood clinics and Hope Clinic For Women will provide abortion care to individuals who are undocumented.

I need birth control. Where can I get it?
Anyone can receive birth control for low or no cost at The Right Time Title X (“Title Ten”) clinics, including the pill, IUDs and all other FDA-approved contraceptive options. Visit for more information on where clinics are located and what birth control options each location has available. Clinics are located throughout the state.

I need an abortion but I can’t afford it. What can I do?
Our partners at Missouri Abortion Fund, the only abortion fund in the state, offer financial assistance to individuals seeking abortion care. How it works: when a clinic MoAF works with sees a patient who needs assistance, the clinic turns to MoAF to cover a portion of the cost. The clinic then bills the fund. MoAF does not offer grants or work directly with patients. Currently they have agreements with Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, IL, Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis RegionPlanned Parenthood Great Plains serving the Kansas City regionTrust Women in Wichita, KS, and in Bellevue, NE and Bethesda, MD.

I see ads, including vans outside of abortion clinics, claiming to offer free ultrasounds and other services. Is it safe to get care there?
In a word: NO. The vans, billboards, and other advertisements direct individuals to so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” which are fake clinics designed to dissuade people from obtaining abortions and contraceptives. The organizations behind these centers, including Thrive and Birthright, are staunchly anti-abortion and exist to shame and deceive individuals out of obtaining the reproductive care they want and need. Learn more about these centers here