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Missouri State Senate

“For far too long, women in Missouri have been forced to endure the erosion of their reproductive rights and attempts to limit access to quality health care facilities. It’s appalling to me that the ultra-conservative legislature finds it necessary to continually interfere with our Constitutional rights.”


“Family planning decisions should be left up to families, not the government. I’m proud to be an advocate for reproductive health and family planning services.”


“In the Missouri State Senate, I will advocate for the individual rights of women and their access to comprehensive healthcare. To achieve a more just and equal society, all Missourians must have a seat at the table in order to build people up, strengthen our communities, and make Missouri a better place to live and work.”


“I am proud to be endorsed by NARAL because I trust Missouri women to make their own decisions regarding reproductive health.”

“If you can’t control when you have children, you can’t control anything in your life. As a Missouri State Senator, I will work to ensure that women, regardless of economic circumstance, have access to affordable health care and that women have the power to make decisions about their own reproductive health.”

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement from NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. I will always stand with women and protect their individual rights in Jefferson City.”


Missouri State House


“I am thankful for the endorsement from NARAL Missouri, and excited to stand with them in the fight to protect reproductive freedom for all Missourians. The State Legislature has lost its focus, concerning itself more with what is happening in our doctor’s offices and less with what is happening in our schools, workplaces, and communities. We need a group of pro-choice champions to help ensure women are not being denied fundamental rights to make healthcare decisions for themselves. With the help of NARAL and their tenacious team, we can protect this right for the next generation of women.”

“I am proud to announce my endorsement by NARAL Missouri. Access to health care is a basic human right and should include access to quality reproductive health care. I believe in an individual’s right to make her own health care decisions, and I trust women to make the right choices for their health, life, and family. In the legislature, I will be strong advocate for women’s reproductive rights and will defend access to safe abortion and contraception.”



“I am proud to stand with NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri in protecting a woman’s right to choose when she becomes a parent. I am honored to have NARAL Missouri’s endorsement. As a healthcare executive, I will continue to be a champion for Missouri women and their right to reproductive healthcare.”


“I believe that we should empower women and families to make their own family planning and reproductive health decisions.”



“I believe that the right to bodily autonomy, including reproductive agency, is fundamental and absolute. I will not waver in the fight to secure and safeguard that right.”

“I am proud to have the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. I am ready to continue my work with NARAL Missouri to fight to protect access to constitutionally-protected healthcare and be a champion for reproductive rights.”

“I’m honored to receive the NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri endorsement because I support building strong families and ensuring a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, including her right to choose, remains between a woman, her doctor and her God, without interference from the state.”

“I’m proud to be endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. The rights of women and families are under attack in Jefferson City. My district and our state deserve a representative who will fight to make sure that women have access to medically-accurate reproductive health information and access to the full range of options for reproductive healthcare. I will work for economic justice for every family and gender equality for all women so that every child brought into this world is the result of a free and joyful choice.”

“I have always been a strong supporter of women’s right to control their own bodies and lives without political interference. Women’s rights are human rights.”


Gretchen received a 100% on our 2017 and 2018 scorecards. She is a pro-choice champion who will protect a woman’s right to a full range of reproductive health options.

“Reproductive health decisions are a private matter between a patient and her doctor.  It is a fundamental freedom that is and should always be protected by the Constitution.”


“I am delighted to receive an endorsement from NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. This endorsement demonstrates my commitment to women’s right to chose and access to comprehensive health services for all women.”


“When I was in college, I attended a speech given by the President of Planned Parenthood. At that event I met a very elderly gentleman and asked what brought him there. He related to me the story of how he was forced to perform illegal abortions to keep his job in a one-factory small Missouri town and told me he would never let that happen again during his lifetime. After this interaction, I was in complete understanding of where we could be without safe, legal abortion services. I am fully committed to women having access to safe, legal abortion services and making their own health care choices without state interference. I am deeply honored by the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri and will continue to support their work.”

“Reproductive procedures are private health care decisions not unlike any other procedure; we should have autonomy over our choices and bodies without government intrusion.”



“I know that the infant mortality rates and maternal mortality rates in my state rival that of developing countries, and I know that the disparities of those rates for women and children of color is even worse. I know that in some zip codes in my district, black mothers and black babies die at disproportionately higher rates than white women—in some cases 3-4 times as high, even when controlling for income and education. I know that access to reproductive health is fundamentally a matter of justice and equity, and I’ll keep fighting for our freedoms.”

“Women have the right to choose what they do with their bodies, and it’s my honor and duty to make sure that right isn’t infringed upon. Only NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri has stood by me since day one and I will continue to do the same for them.”


In addition to getting an A on the 2018 Legislative scorecard, Rep. Merideth introduced four pro-choice bills in 2018: HB 1602, which would have expanded Medicaid in Missouri; HB 1949, which would have required employers to allow working mothers paid breaks to breastfeed or pump breast milk; HB 1950, which would have required insurance plans to cover up to a 12-month supply of hormonal contraceptives at one time; and HB 1951, which would have expanded insurance coverage for certain infertility treatments. Rep. Merideth is a champion for all aspects of reproductive rights.


“I am proud to be endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri as this organization is active and vigilant in supporting women’s rights. Being raised by a single, working mother I understand the importance of a woman having full autonomy of her body. I believe in the mission and values of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri so strongly because if women are under attack, our future is under attack.”

“Your privacy rights deserve protection. As women, we decide what is best for our future, not someone who lives 200 miles away. What we choose to do with our own body is our business. It is an honor to champion reproductive rights for all.”

“As someone who has testified in favor of reproductive rights in Jefferson City, visited clinics, been in the operating room for procedures, and who has worked for over a decade for some of our state’s most progressive pro-choice women – I am happy to accept the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.”

“Long before serving in the House, I worked hard to protect reproductive rights. I am proud to sponsor Missouri’s Earned Family & Medical Leave Act and will continue to do all I can to ensure Missourians have access to a full range of medical care.”


“I firmly believe it’s not the government’s job to stand between a woman and her doctor. As a man, I feel it’s important to trust women to make the right decision for her and her family.”


“I am honored to have the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. Like the majority of my constituents, I support a woman’s right to comprehensive healthcare services.”


“I support women’s rights. I support women’s healthcare. I support women.”

“I am honored to be endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. Women’s health and access to healthcare are very important to me, and I will go to Jefferson City to defend women on all fronts, especially in this political climate.”


“I am honored to have received the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. NARAL Missouri has been fighting to protect a woman’s right to control her own healthcare decisions and I will continue that fight in Jefferson City. This fight is personal for me, as anti-choice laws restrict ways my wife and I can build our family.”


“I am proud to receive the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. As a lawyer, I swore to uphold the Constitution. Roe v. Wade affirms the right of a woman to have an abortion, as protected by the 14th Amendment (right to privacy). In Jefferson City, I will fight to protect this constitutional right and ensure all women have access to comprehensive healthcare.”



“It is an honor to be endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. In Jefferson City, I look forward to defending women’s right to choose their own reproductive healthcare options, free from restriction, judgment or retaliation.”


“Women’s healthcare is something that I am proud to fight for. Not only does access to reproductive services allow us to be healthy and plan our lives, it can serve as a catalyst in breaking the cycle of poverty. As women, we deserve that right to plan and our right to be the kind of mothers we want to be if we choose that path in life.”


Local Races


“I’m honored to earn the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. I fully support women and girls having access to the comprehensive reproductive health care and information they need to be healthy and happy. NARAL Missouri fights every day for that access.”

“In a state like Missouri, we have to be proactive at every level to ensure that women’s reproductive rights are protected. I trust women, and I’ll use my voice on the St. Louis County Council to protect and expand reproductive freedom and make sure more women have the resources required to raise healthy kids.”


“I appreciate NARAL Missouri recognizing the significance of this election and endorsing my candidacy for St. Louis County Prosecutor. I refuse to stay silent in the midst of institutional and systemic sexism, and I will use my platform to resist unjust health and social practices waged on our nation’s women.”


Pro-Choice Missouri

We fight for a future that includes access to all reproductive health care no matter your zip code or employer. Missouri must lead the charge. Are you with us?