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MONTFORT replica watches Co. builds luxury, quality 'form follows function?timepieces. Their maiden model ?the 'Strata?is a sport-chic automatic wristwatch that boasts the following impressive credentials:

Scratch resistant "Super Stainless Steel? 3D printed stainless steel dials Swiss made Unbeatable value

Founded by two fake watch enthusiasts, Philippe Kuratle and Jérémie Senggen, MONTFORT replica watches Co has innovation at its heart. With "TIME TO INNOVATE?as their leitmotif, they've brought some pretty interesting solutions to their Strata model that make it stand out and not just another fake watch project.

Model James

The scratch resistant Super Stainless steel is obtained by diffusion of nitrogen and carbon in the surface, developed by AIM SA and a Danish company called Expanite. Once hardened, stainless steel actually looks very crystalline and the structure of the material reveals itself. Montfort spent a lot of time and energy finding the right way to polish this hardened steel to bring it to the high standards of the Swiss fake watch industry, but the 'side effect?gave the founders a legitimate opportunity to marry the granular, mineral aspect of rocks with the timelessness of the Swiss alps.

Model Frank

Designed by Jéremie Senggen, a protégé of Gerald Genta, who designed some of the most iconic Swiss replica watches of the past century (Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak) the Strata models named; James, Frank and Bruce have real character that sets them apart from the competition. The attention to detail and constant quest for value elevates this product to the upper echelons of the mid-range market for ?what has to be said ?is an unbeatable price.

Model Bruce

In order to produce the complicated 'les massifs?and Montfort's reinterpretation of a fake watch industry classic the 'Clous de Paris?dials with apertures, MONTFORT replica watches Co. had to turn to 3D printing ?the only technique that allowed true creative freedom. The dial was co-developed with an innovative Swedish additive manufacturing company called Digital metal, Höganäs.

MONTFORT replica watches Co. is launching a Kickstarter campaign on November 17th. The Strata collection will retail for $1399 ?$1799 ($699 ?$899 on Kickstarter). Be sure to support this awesome new fake watch company.

Model James

Technical specifications:

Movement: Swissmade Sellita SW200 Automatic Movement in black galvanic coating,

blued screws, "CÔTES DE GENÈVE?on oscillating mass, 26 Rubies and 38 hr power reserve

Case: 4 piece case in hardened "SUPER STAINLESS STEEL?

Back with sapphire crystal

Coating: Deep black DLC

Dark Grey DLC

Height: 11.20 mm Diameter: 44 mm Dial: "JAMES?

3D printed stainless steel dial "CLOUS DE PARIS?/p>

Hour & Minute: Skeleton Rhodium Polished with 'Cool Grey?Luminova

Second: Blue PVD Coating

"FRANK?and "BRUCE?/p>

3D printed stainless steel dial "Les Massifs?/p>

Hour & Minute: Skeleton Rhodium Polished with 'Cool Grey?Luminova

Second: Red PVD Coating

Glass: Sapphire crystal top and bottom, with anti-reflective coating Water resistance: Water-resistant up to a pressure of 100m (10 ATM) Strap: Black, semi matte Italian leather strap with black/red stitching and red 'LORICA?lining ?22/20MM Reference: Ref. 3330 ?1 "JAMES?

Ref. 3330 ?2 "FRANK?/p>

Ref. 3330 ?3 "BRUCE?/p> Price: Ref. 3330-1 "JAMES?

Kickstarter price: $ 699

Retail price: $ 1?99

Ref. 3330-1 "FRANK?/p>

Kickstarter price: $ 799

Retail price: $ 1?99

Ref. 3330-1 "BRUCE?/p>

Kickstarter price: $ 899

Retail price: $ 1?99

Switzerland: Phone: +41 (0) 79 501 43 28

+41 (0) 78 852 54 02

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