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The Reproductive Freedom Front is a committed community of volunteers and activists who work to make real, concrete advancements toward ensuring reproductive freedom for all Missourians. 

It’s no secret that the anti-choice supermajority in the Missouri state legislature has been working overtime to chip away at access to reproductive health care with bills like 2019’s abortion ban (HB 126). The only way to change that is if we build power across the state and unite our voices to demand the reproductive freedom future we deserve. The Reproductive Freedom Front will fight back in three coordinated ways: electing pro-choice champions, holding politicians accountable, and taking action to protect reproductive freedom.

By signing up to be a Reproductive Freedom Fighter, you are committing to taking at least two actions a month to ensure everybody has the ability to make their own reproductive health care decisions without unwanted interference.



Vote Builders ensure everyone’s voice is heard by getting out the vote for reproductive freedom candidates and ballot initiatives that will protect and advance reproductive freedom. 


Actions taken: phone banking | text banking | postcard writing

Local organizers bring their friends, neighbors and coworkers together to educate and empower them to make real change in their own community.


Actions taken: host house parties | host phonebank/textbank parties | host letter writing parties

Storytellers – Storytellers proudly share their stories to fight stigma and change the narrative around abortion and reproductive health.


Actions taken: writing op-eds & LTEs | recording video testimonies | speaking to the media


Digital defenders – Digital defenders are tech-savvy activists that will utilize social media and digital organizing tools to amplify the voice of the reproductive freedom majority.


Actions taken: data entry & clean up | creating digital content


Help power the fight for reproductive freedom all year long by becoming a sustaining donor. We couldn’t do our work without Freedom Funders!

What You Get For Joining

Members of the Reproductive Freedom Front who’ve taken two actions per month for a minimum of two months in a row will receive an exclusive RFF t-shirt.

Additionally, members will receive:

  • One-on-one organizing and digital training with NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri’s staff
  • Experience in community building 
  • Policy and advocacy training on how to make change on a state and local level
  • Opportunities to network and connect with like-minded activists and community members



Summer 2020 Action Plan

There are two critical election days coming up—and with your help, NARAL Pro-Choice will be ready to fight for reproductive freedom.  On August 4th, we have the opportunity to vote Yes on 2 and increase access to health care for thousands, particularly Missourians of lower income, by passing Medicaid Expansion.

On November 3rd, we have the ability to VOTE OUT the elected officials who passed the dangerous abortion ban in 2019 and replace them with reproductive freedom champions. From Kansas City to Columbia to South St. Louis County, this November is our chance to hold anti-abortion lawmakers like Sen. Andrew Koenig and Rep. Caleb Rowden accountable at the ballot box.

We need your help to make these things happen. Just two actions a month can go a long way in getting one step closer to a Reproductive Freedom Future.

Pro-Choice Missouri

We fight for a future that includes access to all reproductive health care no matter your zip code or employer. Missouri must lead the charge. Are you with us?