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Rep. Newman is a pro-choice champion for women! She consistently votes in favor of policies that support a full-range of reproductive issues, from expanding contraceptive access to defending the right to choose.


Not only does she vote with women, Rep. Newman introduced an incredible 19 pro-choice bills in 2018:

  • HB 1337, which would require the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to establish the Equal Pay Commission
  • HB 1338, which would establish the Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies (CARE) Act
  • HB 1551, which would update the laws on human sexuality education
  • HB 1807, which would establish a women’s health services program
  • HB 1851, which would update provisions relating to unlawful discriminatory practices
  • HB 1852, which would repeal the 72-hour waiting period before obtaining an abortion
  • HB 1853, which would repeal several abortion restrictions in Missouri
  • HB 1854, which would repeal provisions that require any abortion facility physician to have staff privileges at a hospital
  • HB 2083, which would repeal the provision stating that it is the intent of the General Assembly to grant the right to life to all humans, born and unborn
  • HB 2084, which would require all insurance plans to cover contraceptives at no cost to the individual
  • HB 2085, which would require all insurance plans to cover postpartum services at no cost to the individual
  • HB 2086, which would require all insurance plans to cover abortion services at no cost to the individual
  • HB 2173, which would establish reproductive nondiscrimination state-wide
  • HB 2174, which would establish the Pregnant Workers’ Fairness Act
  • HB 2236, which would establish the Women’s Right to the Pill Act
  • HB 2237, which would require a pharmacy to fill a valid and lawful prescription for any FDA-approved drug or device to prevent pregnancy including emergency contraceptives without delay
  • HB 2296, which would require organizations that provide pregnancy-related services to provide medically-accurate information regarding reproductive health options in order to receive state funding
  • HB 2297, which would ensure women received medically-accurate information provided to her prior to an abortion
  • HB 2298, which would create the “Truth in Medicine Act” that prohibits a government health care agency or any organization that receives government health care funding from endorsing five specific lies about abortion

Though the largely anti-choice Missouri legislature did not allow these bills to advance very far in the 2018 session, we’re looking forward to working on passing bills like these with Rep. Newman in the years to come!

Pro-Choice Missouri

We fight for a future that includes access to all reproductive health care no matter your zip code or employer. Missouri must lead the charge. Are you with us?