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Reproductive Freedom is for EveryBody 

Reproductive freedom is the essential right of everybody to plan their futures and determine their destinies. All legislators were scored on their participation in the 2020 legislative session on a numerical scale with certain actions decreasing or increasing their score. This scorecard is meant to be a snapshot of the most recent legislative session and does not take into account prior legislative scores or work. 

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri encourages you to use the scorecard as a tool to evaluate your legislators and hold them accountable. 


The scoring formula is simple: Each legislator can receive a point for voting or sponsoring pro-reproductive freedom legislation. Similarly, legislators lose a point for voting for or sponsoring anti-reproductive freedom legislation. Legislators earn additional points by being lead sponsors of priority legislation and advancing bills out of committee, or otherwise advancing the legislation through their leadership positions. 

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Grading Scale 

Reproductive Freedom Champions are on the front line of the fight for reproductive freedom. These legislators not only take the right votes, they also promote the advancement of pro-choice legislation by co-sponsoring and advancing it through committee. Champions proactively and publicly utilize their platform to speak up and push to expand reproductive healthcare access.

Reproductive Freedom Defenders are strong advocates who vote to protect and expand reproductive freedom. They show up consistently to support legislation for a full range of reproductive healthcare options, and co-sponsor some pro-choice legislation.

Uncommitted Legislators may occasionally vote for policies protecting reproductive freedom, but do not prioritize reproductive freedom issues or legislation. 


Anti-Reproductive Freedom Legislators fail in the fight for reproductive freedom. They actively work against ensuring access to abortion and birth control.


Extreme Reproductive Freedom Legislators fail in the fight for reproductive freedom, and actively work to roll back abortion access. They actively and fervently work to deny Missourians reproductive freedom. They work to increase the barriers and restrictions Missourians face when trying to make personal healthcare decisions. 

Not Enough Information These legislators did not complete a full term and therefore did not have the opportunity to cosponsor legislation at the beginning of the session and were not present for all votes scored by NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.


Bills considered 

👎 Anti-reproductive freedom legislation:

👍 Pro-reproductive freedom legislation:


Votes taken into consideration  
Anti-Reproductive Freedom

 (F) SJR38/HJR101 “Dirty Missouri:” This legislation deliberately undoes the will of Missourians by overturning the fair map and anti-gerrymandering protections that the state overwhelmingly voted for in 2018. 

(F) HB2010/HB2011 is the budget bill for the Dept. of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). It includes a provision that discriminates against Missourians who would access preventive health services at Planned Parenthood health centers, including family planning, cancer screenings, and STI testing and treatment.

(HC) HB1522/SB574*: Not only does this bill give the wealthiest Missourians a tax break, but that tax break is paid for by an added tax on universities who support or are affiliated with clinics that provide comprehensive reprodctive health care – namely, abortion. 

(SC) SB 650*: This bill literally rewrites the mission of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to include anti-choice propaganda about “protecting the unborn.” 

(SC) SB 665*: Also known as the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” SB 665 criminalizes doctors and furthers misinformation about abortion.

(SC) SB 917*: This legislation adds seven more barriers prohibiting patients of low income from accessing health care—including cancer screenings, STI testing, and more—from any clinic that provides or is associated with a clinic that provides abortions.


Pro-Reproductive Freedom

(F) SB569 “Justice for Survivors Act”: This bill establishes a “Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights,” improving processes for bringing justice to survivors of sexual violence.

(HC) HB 1306*: This bill eliminates the ‘period tax,’ helping Missourians experiencing period poverty to afford the menstrual hygiene products they need.

(HC) HB 1486*: This bill allows certain health care providers to provide access to clean hypodermic needles, an important method of reducing the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

(HC) HB 1666*: This legislation increases access to fresh fruits, veggies, and other foods from farmers markets for pregnant and postpartum individuals.

(HC) HB 2356*: This bill ends racist and gendered discrimination in the workplace for Black women based on their hairstyle, whether natural or in traditionally Black styles like braids, locs, and twists.

(HC) HB 1691*: HB 1691 reroutes current, criminalizing laws surrounding HIV and increases opportunities for individuals to get tested early for improved treatment access and health outcomes.



Bills with an asterisk (*) next to them are taken from committee votes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Legislative Session was truncated, and therefore fewer full chamber votes were taken compared to previous years. This scorecard is a snapshot of this particular session, so we included committee votes to paint a fuller picture of legislator performance and priorities within this legislative session.


Vote key:

F = Full vote in both chambers

HC = House committee vote

SC = Senate committee vote


Pro-Choice Missouri

We fight for a future that includes access to all reproductive health care no matter your zip code or employer. Missouri must lead the charge. Are you with us?