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We’re extremely excited to announce escorts are able to resume escorting as of July 11!

As we announced at the beginning of 2020, all escorts (existing and new) must attend one of our brand new training sessions before they can begin/continue escorting. Because two trainings were canceled when the COVID-19 pandemic closed the NARAL office, we are offering three new trainings virtually! If you attended one of the March trainings in person, you do not need to attend a virtual training.

Sign up now for the first training, on July 8th. Click here to sign up for July 18th at 1 pm and click here for July 26th at 1 pm.

You will be placed on a team shortly after the training, based on the selection you make regarding your preferred clinic.

Please note: No one is required to continue escorting—those who do not want to escort for the time being will still be able to stay on their teams until they feel comfortable volunteering again. Escorting is still 100% voluntary. You may absolutely go through the training to be placed on a team but refrain from escorting until you feel comfortable.

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