2021 Reproductive Freedom Scorecard

At Missouri we believe that every person should be able to make personal decisions about when, whether, how, and with whom to start or grow their family, regardless of income or zip code. Reproductive freedom is for everybody. Elected officials in Missouri have a mandate to use their positions of power and leadership to protect and expand this fundamental freedom for every Missourian.

The annual Reproductive Freedom Scorecard uses a grading scale to evaluate and score lawmakers on their participation in the legislative session, with certain actions decreasing or increasing their score. The scorecard is a snapshot of the events in the 2021 session, and this year’s includes an important update for the special session. 

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If you have questions about the scorecard, please feel free to reach out to us at brian@prochoicemissouri.org

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The scoring formula is simple: Legislators receive points for voting for or sponsoring pro-reproductive freedom legislation. They lose points for voting for or sponsoring anti-reproductive freedom legislation. This year’s scorecard includes additional points gained for those who used their platform and power to fight for reproductive freedom in the special session.

Protecting and expanding access to abortion is our core mission, and support for these bills are weighted more heavily on the scorecard,  but we know abortion access doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Access to abortion is dependent on many more factors than just legality, and the right to live in health and safety takes far more than basic legal protections. As such, we have adopted a Reproductive Justice lens to guide our work, which has become a core component of our evaluation rubric.

Reproductive Justice is the right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, decide when or whether to have children, and parent and live in safe and sustainable communities. Reproductive Justice centers the lived experiences of those who are most impacted by attacks on reproductive healthcare: Black, Indigenous, and people of color, LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, disabled people, and other historically marginalized groups. 

During the 2021 legislative session we tracked legislation that goes beyond abortion access to a range of issues that impact individual’s reproductive freedom, including access to basic healthcare, insurance coverage of birth control, protections from discrimination based on race, gender or other held identities, and efforts to support and protect pregnant people, young people, and families across the state.

Find the full list of tracked and scored bills here.

Grading Scale

Reproductive Freedom Champions are on the front line of the fight for reproductive freedom. These legislators not only take the right votes, they also promote the advancement of pro- choice legislation by co-sponsoring and advancing it through committee. Champions proactively and publicly utilize their platform to speak up and push to expand reproductive healthcare access.

Reproductive Freedom Defenders are strong advocates who vote to protect and expand reproductive freedom. They show up consistently to support legislation for a full range of reproductive healthcare options, and co-sponsor some pro-choice legislation.

Uncommitted Legislators may occasionally vote for policies protecting reproductive freedom, but do not prioritize reproductive freedom issues or legislation.

Anti-Reproductive Freedom Legislators fail in the fight for reproductive freedom. They actively work against ensuring access to abortion and birth control.

Extreme Anti-Reproductive Freedom Legislators fail in the fight for reproductive freedom, and actively work to roll back abortion access. They fervently work to deny Missourians reproductive freedom. They work to increase the barriers and restrictions Missourians face when trying to make personal healthcare decisions.

Not Enough Information: These legislators did not complete a full term and therefore did not have the opportunity to co-sponsor legislation at the beginning of the session and/or were not present for all votes scored by Pro-Choice Missouri.

Full Scoring Document

In the interest of full transparency, we have made the full scoring document available here so you can see what actions were taken by each legislator.