NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri had a massive impact on the 2020 election cycle—and it’s all thanks to YOU!  We saw huge victories at the national level and historic wins in our own state that would not have been possible without the grassroots support of our volunteers, members, and donors! 

We’re all in this fight for the long haul, but we know it’s isn’t easy. Beating back relentless attacks on reproductive freedom can take a toll. So, it’s important to take good care of yourself, and take the time you need to rest and recharge for the battles ahead.

While self-care isn’t always face masks and bubble baths, we’ve listed here for you NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri staff’s favorite go-to stress-relieving activities & accessories. 


Mallory, Executive Director: Family crafts. If your sourdough starter died months ago, try an easy 3 ingredient homemade play-dough for more family fun with less maintenance. You can make it any color you like or even add glitter! Here’s a quick recipe → A Simple All-Natural Homemade PlayDough Recipe

Alex, Senior Organizer: Tennis. This socially-distant sport provides a great excuse to get out of the house and work lots of muscles. All you need is a tennis ball & a racket to get started! You can find local courts, players, and leagues here →  Find a Tennis Court Near You – 36,000+ Tennis Courts! 

Mariceli, Office Manager: Brow maintenance. It’s hard to control a lot of things in a pandemic, so taking some time to focus on perfecting your brows to your liking can go a long way! Knowing when not to pluck > than knowing when to pluck. Youtuber RajiOsahn has some of our favorite brow-inspo videos!

Allison, Development & Operations Manager: Dog walks. The best part about moving to a new neighborhood in a pandemic is getting to explore it with your canine best friend! Take advantage of that extra time at home by getting some fresh air. Check out BringFido Site Map | Dog Parks & Beaches to find dog friendly parks and places near you!  

Romana, Communications Manager: Baking. What’s not to love about baking? Baking allows you to work with your hands, concentrate on one task at a time, and create a treat to share (or keep all to yourself!) Bake to Share | King Arthur Baking has a catalog of tasty recipes with the measurements to share-size your batch! 

Brian, Political Fellow: Gardening. Brian finds peace in finding plants from around the world and growing them right here in MO. If you’re new to plant ownership, don’t stress—a great place to start is the Lowe’s Garden Center

Arzina, Fall Intern: I like to exercise, journal, listen to music, and spend time with family. Check out Self Care Journal Prompts For When Times Are Tough for some of my favorite journaling inspirations! 

Maggie, Fall Intern: Making collages. I have a massive collection of old magazines that I am always adding to and cutting up. Some of my favorites for collaging are The New Yorker, Harpers, and National Geographic

Rebecca: Fall Intern: I like to read, play piano, and exercise. The last two books I read were Becoming by Michelle Obama and This is How it Always Is by Laurie Frankel.   


We hope that you enjoy getting to know our staff and find some new ways to practice your own self care! Let us know if you have any especially great practices for recharging your battery. It’s important for us to support each other in this work! 

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