ST. LOUIS — Today, the political arm of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri announced it’s endorsement of two reproductive freedom champions: Auditor Nicole Galloway in her campaign for Governor of Missouri, and Yinka Faleti as Democratic nominee for Secretary of State. These fighters are critical to ensuring the voices of the 7 in 10 Missourians who support reproductive freedom are represented in every corner of our state. 

“Missourians deserve bold leaders like Nicole and Yinka who will tirelessly defend their fundamental freedom to make their own personal health care decisions with those they love and trust,” said Mallory Schwarz, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. “Last summer, Republican Governor Mike Parson and Secretary of State Jay Aschcroft weaponized every level of our government to advance their extremist agenda — from banning abortion outright, to obstructing Missourians’ right to protest these political attacks at the ballot box. Missourians paid the price for their political games, but not anymore. Now it’s our turn to fight back — and with Nicole and Yinka, bold leaders who will put Missourians’ first, we know we can win.” 

“NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri is the leading grassroots pro-choice advocacy organization in our state, and they know that the stakes in November couldn’t be higher,” said Auditor Nicole Galloway. “Without an electoral consequence, Governor Parson will accelerate his extreme anti-choice agenda, including making Missouri the only state without a provider where a woman can access her constitutional right to choose since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. I trust women to make their own healthcare decisions in consultation with their partner, their physician, and their faith.”

“Safe, secure and accessible elections and fair assessment of ballot initiatives are key to ensuring reproductive freedom for all in Missouri,” said Yinka Faleti, Democratic nominee for Missouri Secretary of State. “I’m committed to making sure the voice of the 7 in 10 Missourians who support everybody’s ability to make their own reproductive health care decisions is heard at the ballot box.”    

The Parson Administration has made their goal of undermining reproductive freedom blatantly clear: 

  • Governor Parson signed into law House Bill 126, one of the most dangerous bans on abortion in the nation — packed several restrictions on abortion and criminalizing abortion at nearly every stage of pregnancy
  • Governor Parson weaponized the state Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) to block the state’s sole remaining clinic that provides abortion from obtaining its’ license 
  • Under the leadership of Governor Parson, director of the DHSS, Randall Williams, implemented a requirement forcing Planned Parenthood patients to undergo a medically unnecessary pelvic exam prior to getting an abortion 
  • Randall Williams admitted to tracking Missourians’ menstrual cycles, under the leadership of the Parson Administration 

Following the passage of House Bill 126, hundreds of thousands of Missourians from Kansas City to St. Louis spoke out against the unprecedented threats to abortion. 

When Missourians’ demanded their constitutional right to fight the ban on abortion at the ballot box, Secretary of State Jay Aschcroft denied two proposed ballot measures as a result of an emergency clause attached to the ban on abortion. Anti-abortion Senate Andrew Koenig admitted the emergency clause was placed in the banto purposefully deny voters an opportunity to fight back. 

The No Bans on Choice coalition formed by the ACLU of Missouri, NARAL Missouri, and partner organizations filed a third petition to referendum. Ashcroft deliberately obstructed their right to referendum, again dragging his feet in providing language for the referendum. 

It’s crystal clear Governor Parson and Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft are working side-by-side to chip away at Missourians’ basic reproductive rights — and silence the reproductive freedom majority at the polls. NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC is proud to endorse Nicole and Yinka, candidates who will protect Missourians’ right to access the full scope of reproductive health care, without government interference. 


NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC helps elect reproductive freedom champions into leadership at the state and local level by providing financial and in-kind campaign contributions to candidate who have been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri is the leading grassroots pro-choice advocacy organization in Missouri, and we believe that every person who can get pregnant should be able to make personal decisions about the full range of reproductive health options. NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri works to protect the right of every person who can get pregnant to access the full range of reproductive health options, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion. NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri is the state affiliate of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

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