ST. LOUIS — NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC has announced endorsements of reproductive freedom champions in districts across the state. These progressive leaders are dedicated to protecting and expanding access to reproductive health care, including abortion, birth control, and paid leave. After unveiling a new, multi-faceted electoral program, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri is doubling down their support of candidates committed to fighting for reproductive freedom.

Key to NARAL Missouri’s strategy to win up and down the ballot in the 2020 elections is investing in statewide and local elections where reproductive-freedom voters can have the biggest impact on pivotal elections. Candidates seeking statewide election, including as city and county council, mayors, and county executives are eligible for the Endorsed Reproductive Freedom Champion endorsement. Candidates receiving the Friend of Reproductive Freedom rating are not endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC. This rating is used in local elections, and in races when there are multiple candidateswho share our pro-choice values and who we would trust to vote the right way on our issues if elected.

“Abortion access, affordable healthcare, reproductive freedom for all — it’s all on the ballot in 2020,” said Mallory Schwarz, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. “NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC is proud to endorse bold reproductive freedom champions who will work to ensure that every body can make their own personal reproductive health care decisions, free from political interference. With so much at stake for our communities, we are doubling down on building a strong pipeline of local leaders ready to fight for our reproductive freedom — no matter what. Our army of 70,000 members are fired up, and ready for victory in 2020.”

In its first round of endorsements, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC has unveiled a slate of newly  Endorses Reproductive Freedom Champions, including candidates in two key Senate Districts: Represenative Deb Lavendar for Missouri Senate District 15 and Represenative Doug Beck for Senate District 01. 

My opponent Andrew Koenig authored the bill banning abortion, with no exceptions for rape or incest,” said Representative Deb Lavender. “For over 100 years women have asked for, worked for and died for the right to control their own bodies. A year ago I decided to run for Koenig’s Senate seat and together I know we can win his State Senate seat. I’m proud to have NARAL’s endorsement and continue my work for reproductive freedom.” 

“All women should have the same rights I have to make their own healthcare decisions without government intrusion,” said Representative Doug Beck. “I have been a vocal supporter of reproductive freedom and I’m honored to accept this endorsement from NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC.”

The NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC is proud to support three Friend of Reproductive Freedom candidates in this first round of endorsements, including Sydni Jackson for Democratic Committewoman of Creve Coeur Township and Carolyn McMahon for Democratic Committewoman of St. Louis’ 24th Ward. 

“I support reproductive freedom for all Missourians because I believe in access to equitable, affordable, and comprehensive reproductive health care and family planning as a human right,” said Sydni Jackson. 

“Access to abortion and all reproductive healthcare has always been about control and power,” said Carolyn McMahon. “Reproductive Freedom is returning that control and power back to the individuals of Missouri.”

For the full and growing list of endorsed candidates, click here. 


NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri PAC helps elect reproductive freedom champions into leadership at the state and local level by providing financial and in-kind campaign contributions to candidate who have been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri is the leading grassroots pro-choice advocacy organization in Missouri, and we believe that every person who can get pregnant should be able to make personal decisions about the full range of reproductive health options. NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri works to protect the right of every person who can get pregnant to access the full range of reproductive health options, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion. NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri is the state affiliate of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

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