ST. LOUIS, MO — In response to recent revelations that the Director of Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services Randall Williams monitored the menstrual cycles of women who visited Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood in St. Louis — in an effort to restrict their fundamental right to access abortion care — NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Executive Director Mallory Schwarz released the following statement: 

“Randall Williams has undoubtedly abused his power in the most egregious way: denying the right to access critical health care to those whose health and safety he’s charged to protect. This insidious attack on Missourians’ constitutional rights put into plain view Williams’ coordinated efforts to force his extreme anti-choice agenda on the people of Missouri, and ultimately block them from accessing legal abortion.”

“Under the leadership of Republican Governor Mike Parson, Williams has co-opted public health into a tool of abuse and injustice. From weaponizing the licensure process to deny the state’s only abortion provider its license, to forcing an invasive, medically unnecessary pelvic exam on more than one hundred Missourians, Williams has jeopardized the health of 1.1 million women, trans and non-binary folks of reproductive age, denying them the health care they need, want, and deserve.” 

“Randall Williams is a disgrace to Missourians across the state, and he must go. As long as abortion-obsessed extremists like Williams are in power, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri will fight back in every way we know how. We demand his resignation, as this is clearly the only way to prevent him from continuing to wreak havoc on our health, and impose his fringe, anti-choice agenda on all Missourians.”


NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri is the leading grassroots pro-choice advocacy organization in Missouri, and we believe that every person who can get pregnant should be able to make personal decisions about the full range of reproductive health options. NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri works to protect  he right of every person who can get pregnant to access the full range of reproductive health options, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion. NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri is the state affiliate of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

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