The Trump administration has proposed a rule that would allow widespread discrimination in healthcare by rolling back a critical part of the Affordable Care Act — Section 1557, or the Health Care Rights Law. This proposal would rewrite Section 1557 to remove established protections against discrimination based on gender identity, sex, or sexual preference, allowing providers to deny healthcare services like abortions to people because of their personal religious beliefs.

No one should face discrimination when seeking medical help.

Go to  and copy and paste our sample message below to the Department of Human and Health Services. Don’t forget to personalize your message! 

The administration must read every single unique comment submitted about this proposed rule,  so please share your thoughts or a personal story — a time you or someone you know was dismissed, judged, discouraged, or blocked from accessing healthcare.

The proposed rule sanctions discrimination and threatens the lives of many by denying access to the healthcare that everyone deserves. 

Sample Message

Everyone should be able to access the healthcare they need without fear of being turned away, shamed, or treated unfairly. 

I strongly oppose the proposed rule because it attempts to roll back non-discrimination protections for trangender and gender nonconforming patients, those seeking and those who have had abortions, and non-English speakers. The Department of Health and Human Services should be doing their jobs — protecting individuals’ health and welfare, as well as addressing discrimination currently faced by women, LGBTQ+ people, and others in healthcare settings. 


Patients shouldn’t have to worry about being turned away or discriminated against because of who they are, what they look like, the color of their skin, how they identify, what services they seek, who they love, or what language they speak.

This proposed rule puts patients’ lives at risk across the country. I demand you protect our rights and maintain the current policies in Section 1557. 

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