ST. LOUIS, MO — As anti-choice politicians in Missouri continue to ramp-up attacks on access to legal abortion — including passing one of the most dangerous bans on abortion in the nation — advocates are mobilizing across the state to protect and ensure reproductive freedom for all. On Tuesday, July 16, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri will hold Pro-Choice Power Hour, a weekly meet-up for reproductive rights advocates. 

Pro-Choice Power Hour takes place every Tuesday at rockwell beer co. — 1320 S. Vandeventer Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110 — at 6 pm, and will continue throughout August. Each event features guest speakers, weekly discussions topics, and actions to advance reproductive freedom and build community. 

“Missourians have sent a clear message to Governor Parson and anti-choice extremists: if you block us from accessing our basic rights, expect an army of advocates ready to fight back,” said NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Executive Director Mallory Schwarz. “In the past three months, thousands of Missourians from across the state have met these extreme and unprecedented threats to abortion access head on. They’ve organized their communities, raised their voices, and rallied at the Legislature, in the streets, and in court to demand bodily autonomy.” 

“NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri is thrilled to host Pro-Choice Power Hour and continue energizing, engaging, and mobilizing pro-choice advocates committed to ensuring access to essential healthcare. We look forward to working closely with local communities and activists to continue leading the charge to fight back against these blatant attacks on reproductive freedom in Missouri.” 

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri invites advocates to Pro-Choice Power Hour on Tuesday, July 16 at 6 pm at rockwell beer co. for a discussion on immigrant justice and the fight for reproductive freedom. 

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