ST. LOUIS, MO — In response to the state of Missouri’s persistent attacks on access to safe, legal abortion, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Executive Director Mallory Schwarz issued the following statement:

Missouri is about to go dark — and could become the first state in the country since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, with no health center that provides abortion care. This is a chilling warning for all of us. We are in a public health crisis for reproductive health care in Missouri.”

“Politicians have become obsessed with criminalizing, intimidating, and harassing doctors out of providing safe, legal abortion. Last week, Governor Parson signed into law one of the most extreme bans on safe, legal abortion, enacting a near-total ban on abortion in Missouri. Make no mistake, this is yet another targeted effort by the state to push access to essential reproductive healthcare completely out of reach for Missourians. Forcing women to undergo invasive and medically unnecessary procedures is not only unethical and demeaning, but clearly shows that intent of this organized effort: to erode access to safe, legal abortion in Missouri.”

“Access to comprehensive reproductive health services, including abortion care, is essential to the health and well-being of Missouri families. As Planned Parenthood prepares to go to court to fight back against this attack on reproductive freedom, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri will continue to do everything within our power to support  Planned Parenthood and fight these gross intrusions into the personal healthcare decisions of Missourians.”



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