ST. LOUIS, MO – Today, Governor Mike Parson signed into law one of the nation’s most extreme bans on safe, legal abortion. House Bill 126 bans abortion at 8-weeks   ̶ before many people know they are pregnant   ̶ has zero exceptions in cases of incest, rape or human trafficking, and threatens doctors with prison time. In response to the signing of the ban on abortion, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Board President Leah Boersig released the following statement:

“By signing this cruel and unconstitutional legislation into law, Governor Parson has shown the true intent of this bill: to control the lives, bodies and futures of pregnant people in Missouri. Governor Parsons and the leaders behind this bill are placing politicians in between a very personal and complex decision that belongs to pregnant people and their doctors – not lawmakers.”

“It’s no coincidence Governor Parson is moving to ban abortion in Missouri days after Alabama and Georgia lawmakers passed extreme bans on abortion. For decades, anti-choice lawmakers have been enacting legislation that continually pushes access to safe, legal abortion out of reach for Missourians. These deceptive laws were designed to severely threaten reproductive freedom but to not appear as blatant attacks on the right to safe, legal abortion. Today, Governor Parson’s abandoned all pretenses. This bill is a part of an obvious and calculated strategy to gut and overturn Roe V. Wade and criminalize abortion.”

“In the face of these unrelenting and dangerous attacks on reproductive freedom, it is important to remember that this bill is not currently in effect. Abortion is still safe and legal in all 50 states. As anti-choice politicians continue to wage a full-scale attack on the right to choose, we will continue to fight back, raise our voices and stand with the 7 in 10 Missourians who support access to safe, legal abortion.”


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