JEFFERSON CITY, MO — Today’s swearing in for the 100th Missouri General Assembly included three new pro-choice legislators in spots previously filled by anti-choice representatives. Matt Sain in HD 14, Keri Ingle in HD 35 and Paula Brown in HD 70 will protect choice across the state.

“We’re excited and proud to start this legislative session with so many fresh and returning faces who are dedicated to protecting the right to choose,” said NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Board President Leah Boersig. “Since the Trump administration has committed to making abortion harder to access and filling the courts with anti-choice judges, it’s more important than ever that we protect choice on a statewide level. We look forward to working with our champions in the General Assembly to do just that this year.”

Already, we’ve seen champions fighting for the pro-choice majority in 2019. Sen. Jill Schupp has introduced SB 170, which would repeal the medically unnecessary and restrictive mandatory 72-hour waiting period between the consultation and abortion care. She’s also introduced the Missouri Earned Family and Medical Leave Act for the third year in a row to make paid leave a reality for all Missouri families.


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