Hawley, Trump cut from the same extreme, anti-choice cloth


Ahead of Donald Trump’s campaign visit to Springfield this evening to rally for anti-choice Senate candidate, Josh Hawley, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri’s Alison Dreith released the following statement:

“Our message to Donald Trump and John Hawley is clear: your brand of hatred is not welcome in Missouri. For years, bad actors like Josh Hawley have pushed their fringe, anti-choice agenda on hardworking Missouri families. Emboldened by Donald Trump and GOP operatives, Hawley thinks that it will be business as usual. But we’ve had enough,” said NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri executive director, Alison Dreith. “While Donald Trump and Josh Hawley continue to try to chip away at every woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, NARAL and our members will be out knocking doors, making phone calls, and letting voters know that this November, they have better options on the ballot.”


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