Two Pro-Choice Candidates Earn Endorsement from Missouri’s Leading Pro-Choice Advocacy Group

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri today announced its endorsement of two pro-choice fighters for the Missouri House of Representatives. The endorsements include: Matt Sain for HD 14 and Jamie Blair for HD 43. NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri has built momentum and served as an early force in races across Missouri, up and down the ballot.

“Hardworking Missourians deserve representatives in the House that will support them — that’s why we’re endorsing two more candidates who are proud to fight for women and families,” said Alison Dreith, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. “Seven in 10 Americans believe in a woman’s right to choose no matter their zip code, and we are proud to stand with those from across the state who will protect reproductive rights.”

“I am thankful for the endorsement from NARAL Missouri, and excited to stand with them in the fight to protect reproductive freedom for all Missourians,” said Matt Sain, candidate for HD 14. “The State Legislature has lost its focus, concerning itself more with what is happening in our doctor’s offices and less with what is happening in our schools, workplaces, and communities. We need a group of pro-choice champions to help ensure women are not being denied fundamental rights to make healthcare decisions for themselves. With the help of NARAL and their tenacious team, we can protect this right for the next generation of women.”

“I believe that the right to bodily autonomy, including reproductive agency, is fundamental and absolute. I will not waver in the fight to secure and safeguard that right,” said Jamie Blair, candidate for HD 43.


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