As GOP Rolls Out Red Carpet, Pro-Choice Group Sends Message of Unity

Springfield, MO — As President Trump prepares to visit Missouri on Wednesday to announce his plan to issue more tax cuts for billionaires, NARAL Missouri Executive Director Alison Dreith released the following statement:

“By rolling out the red carpet for Trump, politicians like Eric Greitens and Josh Hawley are showing just how low they’ll go to get more tax cuts for their richest campaign donors. Make no mistake, Republican leaders like Greitens and Hawley are the ones who made Trump happen, as they have continually enabled his most hateful and divisive tendencies to advance their own political ambitions. They may now be trying to hide their record of supporting his dog whistle racism and casual mistreatment of women, but Missourians have a long memory and won’t soon forget their shameful pandering.”

Members of NARAL Missouri will continue to organize and resist Trump’s GOP throughout the Show Me State. Through phone banks, public demonstrations, and door-to-door voter contact, NARAL members across Missouri will continue to fight back against GOP efforts to take away women’s health care, deny patients access to Planned Parenthood clinics, and further erode access to legal abortion and reproductive healthcare.


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