KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Wednesday, August 9, the Drive for Our Lives health care bus stopped at City Hall in Kansas City for an event featuring special guest Jason Kander, with the goal of sharing the stories of millions of Americans whose lives are on the line during the ongoing health care debates.

A number of individuals delivered remarks and personal stories about the importance of health care in their lives and in their communities. These speakers included Jason Kander, Rabbi Doug Alpert, Dr. Valerie French, an OB-GYN, Ashley Boyer with The Whole Person, Jordan Smith, Jake Lupardus, Wayne Stinson Dean, a local business owner and Mayor Sly James of Kansas City.


“Being able to have access to affordable health care is essential to one’s reproductive health,” said Kirstin Palovick, Organizing and Policy Associate with NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. “We are taking part in today’s rally because we need to amplify the voices and experiences of those being affected by the threat of repeal and continue to hold politicians accountable for putting politics over people.”


“We’re here because we know that health care is personal and transcends politics,” said Crystal Brigman Mahaney, Deputy Director of Missouri Health Care for All. “We’re calling on our leaders to truly hear our stories and our lives and work towards solutions, solutions that don’t throw millions off health care, drive up health care costs or decimate our Medicaid system. It’s beyond time to work toward a health care system that works for us all.”


Jake Lupardus, one of the speakers at the rally, shared his story about why he took part. “I have Multiple Sclerosis. My monthly treatments would cost over $7,000 a month without insurance. With the ACA in place, I don’t need to worry about hitting a lifetime cap on coverage. I don’t have to worry about being charged more or being denied insurance just because of my illness. I was an otherwise healthy 27-year-old at the time of diagnosis and have realized since that something like this (or much worse) could happen to anyone. The protections the ACA has in place are vital to everyone.”

After its stop in Kansas City, the Drive for Our Lives bus continues its journey across the country, telling the stories of the millions of American who rely on good health care legislation and holding Republicans accountable for their votes. The dedicated individuals involved in this bus tour will not let Republicans turn back the clock on health care.

You can find more information about the Drive for Our Lives bus tour at www.SaveMyCare.org


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