After seven weeks spent in a second emergency session that has cost Missouri taxpayers $151,000, Gov. Eric Greitens tonight signed a law that will place even more unnecessary restrictions on Missouri women’s ability to access basic reproductive healthcare, including abortion. In response, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri’s Alison Dreith released the following statement:


“This emergency session was political theater for a governor who cares more about grooming himself for higher office than the health and wellbeing of women across Missouri. Let’s be clear: this wasteful special session had nothing to do with protecting women’s healthcare and everything to do with promoting Greitens’ own agenda to satisfy his fringe base. Women in Missouri already face some of nation’s most burdensome restrictions when it comes to accessing reproductive healthcare. Now, Gov. Greitens is trying to make it even more difficult to access basic care. This is a sad day for women and families across Missouri.”


NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri led the fight against Gov. Greitens’ wasteful emergency session and his continued efforts to restrict women’s access to basic care. NARAL ran radio and online ads calling out Greitens for his backward agenda. NARAL members joined community activists from across the state to  participate in the first-ever “People’s Special Session” at the state capitol, highlighting the real needs of Missouri families that were being ignored by Greitens and the GOP. NARAL members also donned red robes to participate in a Handmaid’s Tale protest that called out the governor’s fringe agenda.



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