ST. LOUIS — On Wednesday, February 1, Board Bill 203, the Reproductive Nondiscrimination Ordinance, sponsored by Alderwoman Megan-Ellyia Green, passed through the Housing, Urban Development, and Zoning Committee in a 7 “yes” to 1 “present” vote. Those who voted “yes” include Aldermen and Alderwomen Roddy, Carter, Coatar, Green, French, Moore, and Spencer, Alderwoman Davis was present for the vote. Aldermen and Alderwomen Bosley, Conway, Krewson, and Kennedy were not present for the vote.

Board Bill 203 would simply add pregnancy and reproductive health decisions (such as birth control, in vitro fertilization and abortion) to the list of protected classes from discrimination in employment and housing in the City of St. Louis. As proponents of Board Bill 203 have outlined, this bill is about fairness, ensuring that women and families can make their own

reproductive health decisions, including whether, when, and how to start a family and what the size of their family should be, without fear of losing their jobs and facing retribution from their employers or being denied housing because of private, non-work related decisions.

“Today, the City of St. Louis took a great first step in protecting women from discrimination. With a president that has promised to punish women, and who upheld that promise by nominating Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, to a Missouri legislature that is obsessed about outlawing abortion in our state, St. Louis has an awesome opportunity to make our city more welcoming in our current political climate. We applaud the HUDZ committee for their work on a fair hearing and their votes, and look forward to the full board voting to protect women,” said Alison Dreith, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.

Board Bill 203 will be read in front of the Board of Aldermen on Friday, February 3 at 10:00am in Room 230 of Saint Louis City Hall.


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